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    Wait a minute! I have spots, too.

    OcicatYeah, yeah, we know, but the spots on this Ocicat are different than those on the Egyptian Mau. The spotted Ocicat has a much different pattern to their spots than does the Mau. Whereas the Mau has a random spotting pattern, the Ocicat has large well-scattered, thumbprint-shaped spots on the sides of the body, that looks like a classic tabby pattern in spots- with a spot circled by spots in place of the bull's eye.

    The Ocicat is actually a manmade breed, selectively bred to look like cats of the wild. The origin of this breed is in the interbreeding of Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair cats. Now, you can find spotted Ocicats in a wide variety of colors, although the Chocolate Spotted Ocicat, like this one, is the most popular color.

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