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    Like my cute little pompom of a tail?

    Japanese Bobtail Longhair This delightful cat is a Japanese Bobtail, which comes in both a shorthair and longhair(shown) variety. This breed has existed in Japan for centuries, and can be found on many ancient paintings.

    The Japanese Bobtail always has a tail with curves, angles, or kinks. Plus, it usually has a fluffy or pompom look to it. Kittens always have this kind of tail, as Japanese Bobtails are never born without tails or with normal tails.

    The Japanese Bobtail is an active, intelligent, and talkative cat that comes in many colors. The most popular color is the Mi-Ke (black, red and white). The cat shown above is a Dilute Mi-Ke (blue, cream and white). They usually have vividly contrasting colors and bold dramatic markings.

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