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    Animal Nutritionist

    The animal nutritionist is interested in the diet of animals, whether they are livestock on farms, animals at the zoo, or pets in our homes. They are interested in developing foods that enhance the health and growth of an animal. An interest on both science and animal welfare is necessary.

    The location of work for animal nutritionists can be varied and may include laboratories, pet food producers, and office-based marketing roles.

    We all know that it is important that the food we feed our pets is safe and wholesome. The work of an animal nutritionist helps us to feel secure in the knowledge that we are feeding good quality food to our pets.

    School courses that can help with this career choice are chemistry, physics, biochemistry, math, animal behavior, economics, food processing and animal production techniques. Training to become an animal nutritionist would normally include a veterinarian degree, and possibly a further degree in nutrition.

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