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    Cat Breeder

    Being a breeder of pedigreed cats isn't so much a career choice as it is a hobby, but we've included it here because it is a rewarding hobby. There is much satisfaction to be found in raising a litter of kittens, taking them off to their first cat show and watching them win.

    Becoming a breeder of pedigreed cats requires a great deal of information about your chosen breed. Many breeders will recommend that someone interested in starting a breeding program become familiar with the breed standards by exhibiting a neuter or spay in the Premiership Class. This will give you breed knowledge that will be invaluable when it comes to raising and evaluating your own litters.

    Breeding of cats should not be looked at as a source of income. It's strictly a hobby, unless it's done on a very large scale. Hobbies are usually expensive, and breeding pedigreed cats is no different.

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