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    A cartoonist is a person who draws cartoons. If you like to sketch funny drawings, especially of cats, then this could be a career for you.

    Usually, a cartoonist will rough out their sketches using a pencil, and then finalize them with black ink. Lettering is added to create the conversation. Occasionally, cartoons are finished by painting them in color. Cartoons can be either a single drawing, or a series of drawings that could become a cartoon strip or a comic book.

    Cartoon by Stephanie Piro
    Cartoon © Stephanie Piro

    Cartoons are published in both newspapers and magazines, whether print or online. They are also used on greeting cards, in illustrated books, plus for creation of storyboards for animated movies and TV cartoon shows.

    Breaking into the cartoonist field may be difficult, but magazines are always looking for something new and fresh to print, so submitting your best cartoon to magazine publishers is a good place to start.

    Cartoonists must have a natural talent for drawing, and neat writing for lettering. You will need to learn the basics of good drawing, and practice a lot to fine tune your skills. Take any drawing classes available at elementary and high school levels. Enroll in vocational, college or university courses on fine art to improve your skills. Try to find an intern or apprentice position to gain experience.

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