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    Illustration  Wendy Christensen
    Illustration © Wendy Christensen
    When you pick up a book about cats, chances are that you will see drawings in it. These are done by an illustrator. Usually, the author or publisher will contact an illustrator to discuss ideas regarding drawings that will help to show the ideas and emotions of the story. Illustrators have to understand these ideas and emotions, and be able to turn them into drawings or sketches that "illustrate" and enhance the story line.

    Illustrations can either be imaginary (for a story book) or technical (for a book about specific things, such as the anatomy of a cat). Besides books, illustrations can be found on greeting cards, post cards, note cards, bank checks, posters, web sites, etc.

    Normally, illustrators work on a freelance basis, which means that they work privately, usually with a specific contract, to produce the required drawings within a set period of time.

    Illustrators will have a natural talent for drawing or painting, a vivid imagination and the ability to sketch a wide variety of subjects. You will need a high school diploma, and college or university courses in fine arts or graphic design.

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