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    The Beginning

    A story by Helen Nyman
    Illustrations by Emma Pennisi

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    Illustration Emma PennisiTilly, the Palace cook, was very busy preparing special dishes to eat at the party. She was a very large cat as she always dipped a paw into what she was cooking to taste it, and was therefore rather chubby especially around her tummy. The dish that Tilly liked cooking most was iced mice. First she made tiny mice out of fish mixed with ground coconut and when they had been cooked she quickly dipped each one into a delicious icing, made from a secret recipe that had been passed on to her from her Great Grandmother. Nobody had been able to get her to tell them the ingredients, but let me tell you those iced mice just melted in your mouth and were the favourite treat at every Cat Pride. In fact, a lot of the cats came just for the pleasure of eating one.

    Queen Suzi was trying to decide which of her many collars she would wear for the party, and she finally decided on a pink velvet one with little sea shells attached to it, which she was convinced made her look just like a mermaid.

    Six of the French cats were practicing the Can-Can. They were very good at it as they had lived for a long time in an alley behind the Folies Bergères in Paris and had often slipped into the theatre whenever the back door had been left open, and watched the dancers kicking their legs in the air, much to the delight of the audience. They had only decided to leave Paris when the cold of winter had started to make their bones ache a little and the thought of the sun on Cat Island had finally convinced them that it was time to make a move.

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    All rights reserved. ©Helen Nyman 2007

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