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    So, just what happens at a cat show?

    As we said before, a cat show is where cat breeders and owners take their cats to compete with other cats that are the same color and breed. Cats can compete in four classes:

    1. Kitten Class - for cats between 4 and 8 months of age
    2. Championship Class - for CFA registered adult cats over 8 months of age
    3. Premiership Class - for CFA registered altered cats over 8 months of age
    4. Household Pet - for unregistered cats over 4 months of age

    Child with Household Pet and her RosetteEach cat entered in the show will be looked at by a trained judge. Most shows have at least 6 judges, and some have 8 or more. Each judge will handle the cats in their own "ring" and each judge will give their top awards to those cats they handle.

    The moment every cat breeder lives for is the thrill when their cat is held aloft and proclaimed "Best Cat"!

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