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    Who are the judges?

    CFA Judge Photo İMary Kolencik The people that you see judging at cat shows on the weekends are just normal folks during the rest of the week. They are school teachers, secretaries, hair stylists, doctors and lawyers during the week and cat judges on the weekend.

    The men and women evaluating the cats at a CFA show are thoroughly trained and well qualified in the art and science of cat judging. CFA judges have shown skill at breeding cats and a flair for exhibiting them. They have also helped their cat clubs to put on shows, and are people that are well known by other breeders and exhibitors.

    CFA judges all love cats, and they have great experiences every weekend when they get to handle all of the cats entered in a show - especially when they get to play with all kinds of kittens!

    People who want to be judges must have at least ten years of breeding experience before they can apply to the judging program. Once accepted into the program, trainees must pass examinations on breed standards and show ring mechanics, and they must do training sessions with experienced judges.

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