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    It is very important that you care for your cat properly so that it can live a long, healthy and happy life. Just like your mother takes you to the doctor for regular check-ups, cats also need to see a veterinarian on a regular basis. That way, the vet can check to see that your cat is up-to-date on its vaccinations, that its teeth are clean, and that it is in overall good health. It is also important that you keep an accurate record of the visits to the vet's office and the vaccinations that your cat has had.

    We've put together "My Cat Journal" to help you do this for your cat. My Cat Journal is available either to be printed from a PDF file, or you can email CFA and ask us to mail you the brochure. Be sure to include your home mailing address in your email but, if you choose to do this, please check with your Mom or Dad to be sure it's OK to do so.

    NOTE: When printing, choose LANDSCAPE as a print option, then print Page 1 (outside) first, put your paper back in the printer and print page 2 (inside) on the reverse side. Fold your printed journal into a trifold brochure.



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